Horizon Tide (Sample Pack)



Pop music at itʼs best is always relatable to itʼs listeners while simultaneously drawing them into the space created by the music. In the late 2000ʼs and into the modern day, Chillwave still offers listeners the option to dance, or to simply chill. Our sample collection titled “Horizon Tide” is full of lush synthesizers, fat bass, and dreamy, ambient guitars that create the sonic landscape of Chillwave music. Horizon Tide truly goes above beyond, thanks to the vast array of synthesizer options on tap (Access Virus, Moog Gr0ndmother, Moog Taurus, Moog Sub-37, Yamaha DX7). This sample pack features 10 Melodic Loops (stems included) and 10 drum/percussion loops. but also boasts over 50 bass, guitar, synth, and keyboard one-shots, as well as over 30 drum one-shots (kick, snare, hi-hat, and aux). Horizon Tide is available for download today!

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