Chocolate Water (Sample Pack)



From the late 90ʼs into the 2000ʼs, the alternative hip-hop collective Soulquarians (compromised of Questlove, Q-Tip, J Dilla, Common, Roy Hargrove and several other legendary hip-hop and soul musicians) defined the sound of hip hop and Neo-soul. We can thank the Soulquarians for classic albums like “Voodoo” by DʼAngelo, “Black On Both Sides” by Mos Def, and more. “Chocolate Water” is our point-to-point recreation of the magic created nearly 20 years ago right here in Philadelphia. With our Philly roots, it was only right to have our very own Pudge Tribbett (who is a contemporary of the aforementioned musicians) lace “Chocolate Water” with the cleanest and punchiest drum grooves. This pack features real Fender Rhodes (33 one-shots), vintage Moog Opus (19 one-shots), electric guitar (36 one-shots), and piano (8 one-shots). These one-shots (and 36 additional drum one-shots) supplement 10 Melodic Loops that will bring you back to the roots of Neo-soul.

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