12th & Vine (Sample Pack)



The name “Gamble and Huff” was synonymous with a countless number of major hits in the 70ʼs. The production duo was a force to be reckoned with, with a soulful sound that w's embraced all over the world. If youʼre still not familiar, groups like The Jackson 5, The Stylistics, and The OʼJays should ring a bell. Gamble and Huff recorded these chart-topping hits right here in Philadelphia at Sigma Sound Studios on 12th Street. Although the studio is now closed, we have kept this radio-ready soul alive with our sample collection titled “12th & Vine”. This sample pack comes with 10 Melodic Loops (stems included) recorded through real analog solid-state and tube preamps and compressors for the vintage warmth and depth that made Gamble and Huff records go. These loops contain a plethora of different stringed instruments including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and sitar (51 one-shots). “12th and Vine” also includes 41 one- shots of Wurlitzer, and Fender Rhodes. We also employed vintage analog synthesizers by Moog and Crumar for that authentic “lofi” touch. To complete the package, we recorded live drums ('s well as one-shots) through Neve and Universal Audio preamps for retro thickness and color.

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