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Homage Turns a Soul Surplus Loop Into a Full Beat

Posted on July 13 2018

Over time, the sentiment with our team when creating samples has been, to make the process easier for our customers. Two weeks ago we launched a new series of products that delve even deeper into our traditional composition sample packs. While making drag and drop even easier, we also supplied more goodness in each pack to encourage the producer to create something even greater than what has been presented. 

We sent our good friend Homage our latest pack, The Blue Pack, earlier this week. He decided to utilize the pack in his latest beat-making video, showcasing the ease in which you can create while using Soul Surplus sample packs. In this video he even shared some of his unique techniques in building out beats, and we had to make sure that we shared it with our supporters. Huge thanks to Homage for spreading the word, and we hope you guys enjoy the video!

More info on The Blue Pack HERE.


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