Round Three (Sample Pack)


Adding unexpected textures and exotic instruments on a record are sometimes the most important aspect of creating a hit.  No musical group understood this better than The Stylistics.  An element that is their trademark, and is consistent throughout their music is the Sitar.  While the Sitar is traditionally an Indian instrument, the Philadelphia-bred soul combo used this Eastern stringed instrument to create unforgettable melodies like "You Are Everything", "You Make Me Feel Brand New", and more.  With our newest release, "Round 3", we made use of a recently acquired Sitar (made by Danelectro) to capture the soulful magic of these Philly classics.  "Round 3" features 5 different Melodic Loops with stems included.  These loops include acoustic guitars, electric guitar, electric bass, and vintage Moog synthesizers played by real musicians for an authentic touch and tone that is unachievable with VST's.  This pack is now available exclusively at Soul Surplus!

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