Roady Volume 3 (Composition Pack)


Last year, Smythe blessed us all with the Roady Composition Packs, volume 1 and 2. It quickly become a crowd favorite, and continues to be even today. We’re pleased to present the 3rd installment in the Roady Pack series, and it’s even better than ever. Roady Pack Volume 3 is a lo-fi infused sample pack, but mixed with a sense of clarity. The Roady shines bright as the star instrument in this new pack, with Smythe making improvements from the first 2 volumes. The new pack includes 10 compositions, with the stems package adding over 900mb of individual instrumentation for maximum flexibility in your creations. Each composition was mastered to bring a copious amount of color and depth, and pushed to bring out the audible compression. Arrangements were kept a little more simple to allow for more chopping and stretching in your DAW. Don’t miss out! Add Roady Volume 3 to your library today!

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