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  • Soul Surplus :: Roland TR-808 Playlist

    Jun 10 2018

    With the release of our first drum kit, the Composed Rhythm Drum Pack, we figured we would take it back to some classic jams from time ...

  • Soul Surplus :: 80's Samples Playlist

    May 13 2018

    Last week we released The 7XD Pack, an ode to the classic 80's synth, the Yamaha DX7. This week's playlist looks back to many of the sam...

  • Soul Surplus :: The Black Pack Playlist

    May 06 2018

    This week, we released The Black Pack, a straight ahead psychedelic/heavy rock pack, with an early 70's vibe. For years, rap and rock ha...

  • Soul Surplus :: 1993 Til Playlist

    Apr 29 2018

    On the heels of our latest sample pack release, the 1993 Sample Pack, the team figured it would be dope to create a playlist compiled of...


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