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Product Review: 1993 Sample Pack

Posted on April 26 2018

This week we’re excited to present our newest product the “1993 Sample Pack,” a composition pack full of jazzy melodies and chords that are sure to be useful for anyone trying to push the envelope with their production to create interesting projects. We approached this pack in the spirit of the acclaimed Golden Era of Hip-Hip (and ‘93 really was a year in the era full of defining hits) with warm tape sampled jazz cuts prime for creating grooves that vibe over knocking beats. This era solidified a long lasting blueprint for the emerging hybrid music form of Hip Hop... sampling jazz...this became such a norm that many felt the need to categorized many artists into the sub-genre “Jazz Rap.” Even moreover we felt that it was extremely timely and appropriate to create this pack for the producer community because current tastemakers such as Kendrick and J. Cole having been seemingly giving an ode to the genre’s roots by creating music with jazz elements.

With each composition in this pack we really intended on creating the exact moments that producers will want to use. Basically we constructed grooves that would sit nice on beats without much tampering, while we simultaneously attempted to give those adventurous producers who find satisfaction in chopping many different elements to achieve extremely original compositions like the old gold days. We also were very particular with which instruments we included in the pack to give the best offering of jazzy sounding samples to you all. Exclusively on a few of our compositions we were pleased to present some saxophone jazz improv soloing, with chops that fly through the chord changes creating the perfect window of lines to grab for your own tracks. Grabbing the ‘stems’ for this pack may be a necessity for many of you who want more control of some of the exclusive jazz instruments we debuted on this pack. From ‘Digable Planet-like’ acoustic double bass lines, to xylophone/ marimbas in the vibe of old Roy Ayers’ tunes and of course the tenor saxophone like new school players Terrace Martin and Kamasi Washington collaborating with Kendrick, are all instruments stems worth having alone to make your own compositions that much better!


Like mentioned before it seems like there’s no better time currently to experiment with these jazz sounds in your production as you have artists such as J Cole and Kendrick breaking sales records with songs that are as much progressive and evolutionary of the genre as they are similar in feel and texture to their 90’s predecessors. Cole’s KOD starts off with a jazz ensemble cut with spoken word setting the mood and tone of a whole project that interjects these motifs throughout, and even more identifying in this style Kendrick pushed the envelope with this approach on his album “To Pimp a Butterfly” having actual jazz musicians play a huge part in the whole project’s composition (Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper and even Thundercat). An important thing to take from it all is that timeless music will always find a way to live on. Jazz certainly is an ancestor whose shoulder’s Hip-Hop stands on, and even many times, still intersects with. From improv, to scatting and spoken word/poetry all these elements of jazz culture have been an origin, yet a steady consistent undercurrent in Hip-Hop, even amidst the new trends that push the genre forward each decade.

Here at Soul Surplus we take creating authentic compositions very serious. As sound designers who are producers and musicians first we knew this pack would push us to share our passion for this era musically.  We constructed this pack with the utmost scrutiny as individuals who came up in and who were influenced by the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. The 1993 Sample Pack is our nod to a time that was innovative, authentic and raw. We hope you bring some of that fresh timeless sound to your projects!


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