Woodgrain (Sample Pack)



The sound of R&B music has always reflected the generation of the artists creating it.  From its soulful, politically conscious movement in the 70’s created by artists like Marvin Gaye, to its smooth, quiet storm sounds of the 80’s with crooners like Luther Vandross, we have enjoyed many different facets of R&B over the years.  We have even specifically covered these specific eras in several of our releases (Port Rich Vol .6, 12th and Vine, 7XD, Silent Storm).  Fast-forwarding to today, R&B has taken a far more varied and eclectic approach. Musicians  like Solange, H.E.R., and Frank Ocean who years ago would have been considered just an alternative listen, are now trailblazers and leaders within the genre. 

“Woodgrain” takes the same eclectic approach as the modern day artists we love.  We not only packed this sample collection with 10 Melodic Loops (stems included), but 10 live-recorded drum loops in 3 different varieties (30 drum loops total!).  In addition, we’ve included 35 drum one-shots (kicks, snares, cymbals, toms, and fills), 59 guitar one-shots, 38 keyboard one-shots, and even more synth one-shots.  “Woodgrain” relies just as much on instruments that are more traditional to the genre (Fender Rhodes, electric guitar, piano) as much as it relies on analog synthesizers to lay the foundation for each composition.  The result is the same spirit and soul of old, but the fresh perspective of the new.

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