Violet Letter (Sample Pack)


Synthesizers drove the sound of pop music in the 1980’s.  Listening to iconic jams like “I Feel For You” by Chaka Khan, and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston showcase how the instrument was the base of many, if not most pop arrangements of the era.  With the introduction of polyphonic analog synthesis in the late 70’s, as well as the introduction of FM synthesis in the 80’s, the pop music of yesteryear was a colorful palette of analog and digital synthesis.  The perfect sonic complement to this was the signature gated reverb, “Phil Collins” drum sound of the 80’s.  Drums were meant to sound big, and loud.  In the 1970’s, drums were big, and loud, but usually dry and took on the sound of a small room.  Fast forward a decade, and nearly every live and sampled drum sound is dipped in a glaze of digital, plate, or hall reverb.

With "Violet Letter", our newest release, we have crafted all the signature sounds of 1980’s pop music.  “Violet Letter” features 10 Melodic Loops (stems included) as well as one-shots. There are 41 synth one-shots, 16 Fender Rhodes one-shots, 12 piano one-shots, and 5 guitar one-shots. We’ve also recorded 10 drum loops (processed in 3 different ways for 30 drum loops total) in the beautiful A room at Gradwell House in New Jersey for the highest quality of sound. Tracked in a huge room, and through an SSL console, these drums naturally have a huge sound, as well as the tasteful dynamic processing to create the Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight” drum room sound that sold millions.  “Violet Letter” ranges from the slick sounds of New Wave, to tight, synth-driven funk, and everywhere in between.  “Violet Letter” is available at the Soul Surplus store today!

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