Time Lapse (Sample Pack)

One of the flagship pioneering moments in contemporary music of the last decade and a half has been the emergence of Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder label. As giants in the LA beat scene, the sound went global through collaborations with Kendrick Lamar on “To Pimp a Butterfly,” yet the world was then primed for the acceptance of a movement that was already happening underground—a mixture of house, dance, ambient music, left-of-center jazz, hip hop & lofi music—a sound now pegged as the new “electronic,” category. Time Lapse is a sound pack inspired by this intersection of sound and the artists (like Thundercat, Taylor McFerrin & Lapalux to name a few) associated with it. This release contains 10 melodic loops of over 40 individual instrument loops in all, giving you everything from time stretched textures to moving bass lines and synth arpeggios. With 10 varying bpm formats and key signatures we’re sure you’ll be able to find just the thing you need to sample or drag into your next session! Expand the musical range in your library with these sounds today!

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