Smythe Nylon Guitar (Loop Pack)

"When recording the nylon sample pack, I was really focused on texture and tone. The way nylon strings sit in a track is something special: they naturally have a rounded high end and a punchy midrange. The tone is very mellow, but cuts through very nicely.  Using the Warm Audio tube equalizer helped me accentuate this in a beautifully warm way.   Many of the pieces I played have a more complex and jazzy chord progression, but a soulful pulse behind it.  It's very easy to "plug and play" but can be chopped as well.  As a guitarist and producer, I really wanted producers to have access to a timbre and texture that they may not have before.  I hope to have accomplished that with this new sample pack!"

Gear Used:

Guitar: Nylon String Classical Guitar

Pedals: MXR Dyna Comp

Microphones: Sennheiser MD421 & AT 4050 close mic

Preamps: Dizengoff D4 (amp) and Golden Age Project PREQ-73 (room)

Outboard Gear: Warm Audio WA-76, Warm Audio EQP-WA

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