Silent Storm (Sample Pack)



Soul music in the 1970's was known for its grit and its passion.  Towards the end of the decade and into the 1980's, a sub-genre known as "quiet storm" shifted the focus of soul and R&B music to a more sensual, laid-back sound.  While many would classify Quiet storm as a radio segment for baby-boomers, it is actually much more than that.  With its name fittingly originating from Smokey Robinson's 1975 release "A Quiet Storm", this genius fusion of smooth-jazz and R&B was the perfect bed for crooners of the era to record the most memorable love songs to date. You could think about it as the bridge between the classic soul of the 70's, and the timeless ballads of 90's R&B.  Artists like Anita Baker, Sade, Freddie Jackson, and Luther Vandross have pioneered the Quiet storm sound with an endless list of hits.  

For our newest release, Silent Storm, we brought out all the stops to ensure that this pack would be one of our most thorough works to date.  In order to properly replicate the sub-genre of Quiet storm, we recorded a few different instruments, as well as one shots for each. This includes 57 one-shots of electric guitar, 27 one-shots of Fender Rhodes, and 20 analog synth one-shots.  There are also 10 melodic loops, with stems for each loop which allow you to chop and arrange as you please! As always, we look to take things to the next level and try to add new features as often as we can.  This time around, we knew that no one would be better to record live drums for Silent Storm other than the illustrious Leonard "Pudge" Tribbett who is currently the drummer for R&B legend Anita Baker.  You'll find that these breaks are tastefully played, with attention to the small yet important details that define the genre. Silent Storm includes 10 different drum breaks recorded and mixed through analog outboard gear. Each break comes in 3 different varieties; Warm, Saturated, and Lofi (which means there are actually 30 drum breaks in this pack!).  In addition, there are 10 kicks, 10 snares, 10 hi-hats, and 5 auxiliary sounds to add to your drum library.  Silent Storm is the go-to sample collection when you are looking to add the softness and sensibility of 80's R&B to your productions.

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