Session Tapes (Sample Pack)

Far too often, producers have a habit of over-processing their music.  Between compression, reverb, delay, saturation, and modulation, we tend to overdo things a tad bit when it comes to mixing and creating sounds. “Session Tapes” is our answer to this over-processing and overdoing that we are prone to in the 21st century.  “Session Tapes” is 15 Melodic Loops and over 140 one-shots of untouched and raw soul.  We featured only acoustic and electric instruments like electric, nylon string, and acoustic guitar.  We also worked in electric bass and piano/pianet for a natural and warm sonic bed to these arrangements. There are no synthesizers, and very little reverb to be found in “Session Tapes”. We still kept to our tried-and-true processing, with dry stem options for maximum versatility.  Organic, warm, and soulful.

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