Sapphire (Sample Pack)



Our newest addition to the library, titled "Sapphire" pays homage to the classic jazz-fusion releases of the 70's.  Each loop in this pack pays careful attention to the depth of composition and live feel that any jazz lover is naturally drawn to.  Each arrangement is beautifully woven together with a variety of instruments, but mixed and glued together with the slight saturation and compression that creates the textures that inspire us to sample. As always, we use real analog gear and play every instrument in real time.


We've included live trumpet, trombone, and fretless bass to provide the realism and soul to these samples that we are known for. In addition to the 10 Melodic Loops, and stems for each Melodic Loop (67 total loops!) included in this pack, we've included 10 drum breaks, and 47 drum one-shots.  In the style of 70's jazz, these drums are tuned tight and dry, with just the right amount of snap!  In addition to all this, there are 40 guitar one-shots, 29 organ one-shots, 18 piano one-shots, 43 Fender Rhodes one-shots, and 2 string one-shots.  Sapphire gives you the opportunity, and resources, to create music with high quality sounds, and the classic stamp and sophisticated aura of jazz.  Watch below for an in-depth look at this pack! 

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