Reverence (Sample Pack)


Gospel music in the African American Church has been a backbone of soul and black music for decades. Countless recording artists and musicians can have their musical roots traced back to the local church, whether it was them singing their first solo with the church choir or backing up the preacher on drums as a first instrument, this story is all to common. “Reverence,” is a sample pack inspired by these musical roots that our team knows all too well being first hand products of it. From wailing organ chords, to uplifting piano progressions accompanying choir vocal samples that float in the reverb of a sanctuary, this is a special take on a church service held by musicians and producers who take pride in chopping and sample curation. With 10 melodic loops containing over 50 plus individual stem loops and 90 plus one shots, this is a release you don’t want to miss out on adding to your personal library!

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