Nebulous (Composition Pack)



Soul Surplus presents, the Nebulous Sample Pack. The Nebulous Sample pack offers 10 brand new compositions, ready to be added to your "feels" collection of sounds. The compositions & stems package offers both 10 compositions and 75+ chords and sounds to choose from. If you're looking to set the "mood" with your next project, this sample pack is just for you.

Digital download. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1K).

Instruments used in this collection: 

Fender Rhodes

Access Virus

Roland Jupiter

Moog Opus 3

Moog Minotaur

Yamaha DX7

Fender Precision Bass

Lakland 55-02 Bass

Notation Ultranova Synth

Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Novation Bass Station II

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