Lucid Dream (Sample Pack)


Genre fusing has become so prevalent in this age of music that many would say we are in a time that is “post genre.” Within this industry, that at times appears to be genreless, many artists take old soul approaches to the music all while adding in alternative and modern elements. Lucid Dream is a custom made sample pack inspired by the sounds of artists, like Miguel, Jonelle Monae and Childish Gambino, who push these boundaries in music redefining contemporary soul and R&B. This release contains 10 melodic loops of over 60 individual instrument loops full of everything from soulful rock guitars, warm analog synths and electric keyboards with all kind of wave configurations. We even added in over 70 melodic one-shots for you to easily load into any sampler or drum machine. Anything is liable to happen when creating tracks in this day and age. One sound element can make or break a track and send it in another direction; why not have plenty of options? Be prepared and add this pack to your library today!

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