Excursion (Sample Pack)


(Drums are for demo purposes only!!). Music is an international language that everyone in the entire world can understand. Rhythm, melody, and harmony are three dialects of which anyone of any race, religious background, or upbringing can speak and communicate with. "Excursion", our latest release, takes a trip across the hemisphere to explore the sounds of the tropic; from the Motherland to the Caribbean. This sample pack features 10 Melodic Loops with stems included, as well as over 50 one-shots of vintage keyboards and guitars. If you've ever listened to any classic Fela Kuti or Manu Dibango, you're familiar with the warm and rhythmic guitar riffs on these records. Not only have we authentically replicated this style, but have chopped up the one-shots to give you the opportunity to create your own guitar rhythms using your DAW. The tropic is waiting for you.


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