Elysium (Sample Pack)

Elysium is a brand new sample pack in the ever-growing Soul Surplus library of sounds. Heavenly chords progressions, filled with strings, choirs, soaring synths and gleeful guitar strums. These sounds mark the beginning of a new chapter in our history. A rebirth, if you will. Elysium is the fruit of new growth. 

What makes this pack especially different from previous releases, is that it's packed with a LOT more sounds to play with. For starters, each new sample and composition pack will come with FIFTEEN brand new melodies. As an awesome addition, you will also have the ability to utilize both the original versions of these new melodic loop stems (wet), while also being able to use the same loop stems minus much of the 'special sauce' (dry) Soul Surplus is known for. These new changes are sure to check off any boxes that you may have in the creative process. These new developments are a true collaborative process with the Soul Surplus team, pulling all the stops, connecting all available resources to bring you the best product possible. Add Elysium to your library today!


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