Electro-Wave (Sample Pack)

There is no doubt about it; electronic music is running today’s music scene. However, with the recent arrival of virtual instruments and digital sounds, we have gotten away from the thick sounds of analog synthesis once prevalent in past decades.  “Electro-Wave” is our answer to this dilemma.  With huge, pulsing analog synths and dancing arpeggios, we have found the meeting place between analog warmth and modernity! This sample pack features 10 Melodic Loops (stems included) of meticulous synth programming from newer instruments like the Moog Sirin, and the Korg Minilogue, as well as vintage synths like the Moog Opus 3. “Electro-Wave” is packed with just under 50 synth one-shots already chopped, and ready to be dropped into the sampler of your choice.

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