Daydream (Sample Pack)


John Smythe returns with his third sample pack installment entitled "Daydream Sample Pack".  John takes it up another notch with his new collection of sounds, offering compositions and stems this time around.  If you enjoyed the first two packs by John, you will most certainly enjoy this one.

'Creating the "Daydream Sample Pack" allowed me to be fully expressive in what I do.  I used a simple setup (about 5 pedals, one amp, one guitar, one mic) to create unconventional textures and sonic landscapes.  There are many feelings and moments captured in these compositions for producers to sample; eerie ambience, soulful chords, infectious leads, and abstract melodies.  The Daydream pack is for producers looking to captivate their listeners with colors never heard before.'

Instruments & Gear:

Guitar: Fender Stratocaster HSS

Pedals: Electro-Harmonix Soul Food, Electro-Harmonix Black Finger, Biyang Time Machine, T-Rex Tap Tone, TC Electronics Nova Repeater

Amp: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40w

Mic: Charter Oak SA538

Preamp: Dizengoff D4

Outboard Gear: Warm Audio WA76 Compressor, Warm Audio EQP-WA

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