B-Sides (Composition Pack)


Over the course of music history, radio singles have always received the lions share of the attention from casual music fans when it comes to full length albums. Those A-Sides are usually bright and fast paced, and become seared into our brains forever. 

On the flip side of those well known compositions, usually sits a more laid back track(s), also known as the "B-Side". Even though this track isn't promoted or pushed as heavily as the single, the B-Side has a way of becoming the "special" track to music lovers everywhere.

In our latest composition pack, "B-Sides", we dig deep into the laid back vibe of the B-Side record. Comps that will make you want to kick your feet up, grab a cigar, and a 5th of jack. Included in the latest pack are 10 brand new composition packs, and for the comp and stems combo pack, you'll have access to 800+ megabytes of each individual instrument.  This pack is perfect for the end of summer, and we believe you'll love every minute of it. Add "B-Sides" to your library today!

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