Beacon Hill (Sample Pack)


The iconic low resolution sound that records, and then later cassette tapes, emitted when played, and how instruments like electric keyboards, pianos and guitars sounded through these mediums is always a prized capture of us sampling producers. Innovation through the technology of the day determines the listening experience, but such character and texture is forever attached to the music because of it. Soul Surplus presents, Beacon Hill, a special release inspired by the sounds of the early and mid 80’s soul, pop, gospel and R&B. Straight from the heart and mind of a crate digger who grew up listening to vinyl on a portable record player, the end result of what to chop and sample is what was started with here! This release contains 10 melodic loops (consisting of various bpm formats and key signatures) full of everything from mellow chord progressions, to floating processed vocals and soul guitars  equalling 70 plus loops in all! You will be sure to have plenty of sounds to work with. Whether your style is drag and drop for song foundation or to chop, flip and tune to your liking these sounds won’t disappoint.


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