30 Hertz (Sample Pack)


Without bass, there is no hip-hop. From boom-bap to trap and everywhere in between, hip-hop has been all about turning up those subsonic frequencies. 30 Hertz is the quintessential hip-hop sample pack with plenty of bass to go around. With 10 Melodic Loops that run the gamut of every style of hip-hop, 30 Hertz easily conquers every need of the modern producer whether it be earth-shattering Moog bass-lines or enveloping chords from a Fender Rhodes. This sample pack also features 10 drum breaks processed in 3 different textures (analog, lofi, and modulated) and over 30 drum one-shots! 30 Hertz also comes packed with over 60 one-shots of bass, Fender Rhodes, piano, and analog synths. Download 30 Hertz today and get your low end right!

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