Synth-Hop (Sample Pack)

Over the last few years, we have seen the lo-fi music scene absolutely explode thanks to a recent spiked interest in the nostalgic aesthetic of the genre.  Our most recent lo-fi offering, "Synth-Hop" uses only analog synthesizers to deliver 10 melodic, mid-tempo, and moody loops that nail the “perfectly-imperfect” aesthetic.  In an effort to maximize your creativity, we crafted 30 drum loops (10 different loops in 3 varieties, lo-fi, slapback, and smash) and over 20 one-shots of kicks, snares, and hi-hats.  “Synth Hop” also features over 35 synth one-shots.  Every sound in this pack has been processed for maximum lo-fi smudge, while retaining enough clarity to drive any production.  For true chill-hop soul, “Synth Hop” is your one stop shop.


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