Episode 9 - Drum Programming

by Soul Surplus October 15, 2018

Episode 9 - Drum Programming



On episode 9, Wes & Smythe record from the new Soul Surplus office for the first time! The fellas cover drum programming, some of their go-to techniques, and workflow. The main points covered in this episode are: 

Sampling breaks vs. programming sounds
Which side do you fall on more often?
Where do you usually find your drum sounds?

What sound of kits/what genre of music do you usually sample breaks from?
Chopping vs. Looping breaks

What process do you use to program one shot sounds into drum loops?
Do you start your song with drums or melody/chords?

Processing drums
EQ/Compression/Saturation techniques
Knock vs. Tuck vs. Everywhere in between
How to get your drums to knock, and how to tuck them
Processing one shots and drum sounds vs. processing breaks
Importance of where the drum sits in a song


3 Tip For Programming Drums
Picking high quality sounds/breaks will start your further along in getting your drums to sound how you want them to
Drums set the tone for a song, so an interesting pattern/break will keep listeners tuned in.
Drums are an important part of the song, but they have to work together with every other element in order for them to truly be appreciated.



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