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Episode 5 - Keeping Up With Your Network

Posted on May 01 2018


In episode 5 of The Soul Surplus Podcast, the fellas discuss the importance of keeping up with your network. Inherently, both Smythe and Wes are introverts which affects the way they interact with their own respective networks, and how they build new relationships. They discuss the ways they overcome that tendency to run to isolation, and break out of their comfort zone for the sake of maintaining a healthy network.

Some bullet points from this week's episode:

The danger of being isolated.

Clique mentality - how it can be very positive, and keep you sharp. Also has the potential to negatively affect others when there is a prideful approach to the clique mentality.

Being a giver, and not a taker.

Discerning friendship, and professional relationships, while learning certain boundaries.

The use of manners, etiquette, courteousness, and professionalism.


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